Lennox iComfort

So Simple. So smart. So Comfortable.

Lennox’s iComfort Wi-Fi is more than a thermostat, much more. It’s a brilliant piece of technology that demonstrates just how committed Lennox is to innovation, and to your comfort. When connected to your home wireless network, it opens up a whole new world of convenience and control, including the ability to monitor and adjust your temperature from anywhere in the world. In short, it’s time to rethink everything you know about thermostats.

The center of everything

When you build a revolutionary thermostat, you have to start with a smart thermostat, and the iComfort Wi-Fi is as smart as they come. When paired with premium Lennox equipment, it effortlessly coordinates communication between every component of the system, optimizing energy use and comfort while maintaining your temperature with an accuracy of .5 degrees. So you enjoy the highest level of comfort Lennox has to offer.

Get to know the thermostat that knows innovation inside and out

Once your iComfort Wi-Fi is installed, you’ll enjoy an incredibly comfortable home, and a lot more.

Remote Access – Once connected to the iCloud through your wireless network, your iComfort Wi-Fi can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device.

Alerts and Reminders – Not only will your iComfort Wi-Fi monitor itself with advanced diagnostics, it can also send you and your dealer alerts and emails if the system needs service or maintenance.

One-Touch Away Mode – One touch or remote click will put your system into One-Touch Away Mode, reducing system use and energy consumption when no one is home.

Weather Data – The iComfort Wi-Fi can display live weather alerts and a five-day forecast, so you’re always prepared for what’s happening outside.

Touchscreen Operation – The bright, clear screen is easy to read in any light, and easy to operate with just one finger.

Balanced Air Quality – The iComfort Wi-Fi works with your Lennox system to carefully control both temperature and humidity, filling your home with incredibly comfortable air.

Peace of Mind – Like all Lennox equipment, the iComfort Wi-Fi is built to deliver more, and built to last. So you’ll enjoy reliable comfort season after season.